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Theresa May must explain ‘disgraceful’ fivefold rise in EU citizens held in detention centres, MPs demand

Source: theindependent.co Theresa May must explain the “disgraceful” fivefold rise in EU citizens being held in immigration detention centres since the Conservatives came to power, MPs have said. Between 2009 and 2015, the number of EU nationals detained under immigration powers leapt from 768 to 3,699 – in many cases for months at a time, where no crime had been committed. Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, told The Independent

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Belgian mayor wins world prize for work on integrating immigrants

Source: theguardian.com Bart Somers of the Belgian city of Mechelen was named world mayor of the year for his integration strategy. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo “A young man, an immigrant passing by, welcomed me, saying ‘Goeienavond meneer’. This never happened to me in Ghent or Courtrai or any other city, and I mean not to be unkind to the policymakers of these cities, but it was so remarkable to me that I will never forget this.” That

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Switzerland votes to relax immigration rules in defiance of anti-Muslim rhetoric

Source: www.independent.co.uk Swiss voters decided Sunday that they want to make it easier for “third-generation foreigners” to get Swiss citizenship. They rejected a complex tax reform initiative aimed at getting Switzerland in line with international standards. The “simplified naturalisation of third-generation immigrants” measure passed in a national referendum with 60.4 per cent of the vote, Swiss broadcaster SRF reported. It simplifies

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‘Proposed citizenship law: Expats can contest local polls’

Source: thedailystar.net The proposed citizenship law will allow Bangladeshi expatriates to take part in local government elections in the country, Law Minister Anisul Huq said today. However, the expatriates could not become lawmaker, president and Supreme Court judge as per the proposed citizenship act, he said while speaking at a roundtable on the Proposed Citizenship Act 2016 organised by Centre for Nonresident Bangladeshis at Hotel Sonargaon

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Brac in manpower business

Source:dhakatribune.com Brac is going to step into manpower business from March this year, hoping to reduce migration cost for the country's job seekers. “We have decided to start manpower business from March. Want to intervene in the manpower market to reduce migration cost for the country,” Asif Saleh, Brac senior director (strategy, communication and empowerment) told reporters at an exchange-of-views seminar on Wednesday. The seminar, titled

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রাজশাহীতে তৈরি গাড়ি যাবে ইউরোপ-আমেরিকায়

Source: rajshahiexpress.com রাজশাহীতে তৈরী হবে অটোকার। ব্যাটারি চালিত এই অটোকার কারখানা করবে দক্ষিণ কোরিয়ার তিনটি বিখ্যাত মোটরযান তৈরিকারক প্রতিষ্ঠান বিএমজি, কেআরডাব্লিউ, জিনওয়া কো লি. ও

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BB: NRBs can open foreign currency deposit account

Source: dhakatribune.com All non-resident Bangladesh nationals (NRB) and persons of Bangladesh origin including those have dual nationality and originally residing abroad are permitted to open Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit (NFCD) accounts with the Authorized Dealers (ADs), Bangladesh Bank said at a circular Monday. According to the circular, account-holders can maintain the accounts as long as they desire and the eligible persons are also

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