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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Nearly 5.5 lakh Bangladeshi migrants deported in 10yrs

Nearly 5.5 lakh Bangladeshi migrant workers were deported by different countries in the last 10 years, Shariful Hasan, head of Brac Migration Programme, said at a workshop today. Almost all of these migrant workers had become undocumented in the destination countries and travel pass was required for their return, Shariful said. He said the data was prepared based on statistics maintained by Prabashi Kalyan Desk, set at airports by Wage Earners Welfare

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Women workers need new opportunities, well-managed migration

By: Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan Women migrants from Bangladesh who are dominantly employed as domestic workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries frequently fall victim at the hands of their employers. The vulnerability to exploitations, physical and sexual abuses has now become the core issue that remains unaddressed while experts worry that Bangladesh should look elsewhere for better employment opportunities. A significant

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Women with poor skills exposed to abuse: Bikash Chowdhury Barua

Global Academy on Migration and Development director Bikash Chowdhury Barua said that lack of skills and poor access to information had made women vulnerable to abuse in a country, where they had gone for jobs. The situation had changed for the worse thanks to a group of traffickers, middlemen or agents, who took the advantage of poor economic conditions of those women at home, enticed them to a dream of better future and sent them abroad without

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Int’l Migrants Day Today: No ethical practice in recruitment

Bangladesh is far from practising ethical recruitment, which requires a zero-cost migration policy and transparency in the entire migration cycle, and also ensures that migrants do not face exploitation, according to researchers. They said Bangladeshi migrants pay the highest recruitment cost and get one of the lowest per capita wages due to unethical recruitment practices and low-level skills. According to a 2015 World Bank report, the average recruitment

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