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Undocumented Bangladeshis to be ‘rehired’

Malaysia has given assurance to allow all the Bangladeshi workers staying illegally in the country to legalise their status under the current 'rehiring programme' which will continue till December 31. Malaysian Immigration authorities have also said that they would not go for crackdown on illegal foreign workers, including the Bangladeshis, to facilitate them to register under the rehiring process. The assurance came from the Director General of

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1,266 Bangladeshis in Malaysia arrested in crackdown

Source: Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan, New Age, Bangladesh The number of arrested undocumented Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia rose to 1,266 till Sunday as the country continued its crackdown on illegal foreign workers since June 30. A total of 3,506 illegal workers have been rounded up by Malaysian Immigration Department during the Ops Mega conducted nationwide, according to The Star, Malaysian daily published the news on Sunday. The crackdown started

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Closing Ceremony of NdM Training Program Held in the German Chancellery 
NdM, Bundeskanzler, Amt, Berlin

Berlin, June 25 (NdM/BASUG):  The closing ceremony of the year long trainee program of the New German Media Professionals (NdM) for 2016-2017 young journalists was held in a royal atmosphere in the German Chancellery in Berlin on Tuesday. A total of 25 young media professionals with migration background were mentored with the senior German media colleagues for one year and they had the opportunities to sit and discuss on different professional and

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How female migrant workers changed the face of their village

Basotpur Colony village in Jessore went through a transformation in the last three decades, becoming the wealthiest village in the union from the poorest. It would not be surprising, in this day and age, to find a number of expats from any of the villages scattered around Bangladesh. People have been trickling out of Bangladesh over to the Middle East for decades. However, inside the boundaries of Basotpur Colony in Sharsha Upazila of Jessore, the

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BASUG in German-Africa Diaspora Conference in Dortmund

Dortmund, June 25: The First German-Africa Diaspora Conference was held in the weekend in the international convention centre of the Technical University in Dortmund. The conference focussed on the contribution of the African and other Diasporas in Germany to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the North-South perspectives. Above hundred representatives from African and other Diasporas in Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland,

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Modern slavery? The UK visa system and the exploitation of migrant domestic workers

It might be hard to believe that a domestic worker – or anyone – is currently forced to sleep on a bathroom floor or is locked up in a house. Yet such experiences are very real for those who come to the UK on an overseas domestic worker visa, writes Virginia Mantouvalou. She explains how the current system – which provides a six-month, non-renewable right to stay – does not allow such workers to change employers. Those who run away due to

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Migrants have little access to justice at home, abroad: rights campaigners

Migrant workers who were abused or cheated at home and abroad had little access to justice, lawyers, rights campaigners and officials said at a discussion Saturday. For the situation, they blamed brokers’ involvement with the recruitment process and the absence of bilateral agreements with the countries hiring foreign workers. They raised the issues at a dialogue on ‘Access to Justice for Migrants and Their Family Members. WARBE Development Foundation

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দৌড়ে প্রবাসীদের কাছে প্রধানমন্ত্রী!

কালো গাড়িটা হোটেলের সামনে থামল। রাস্তায় আইনশৃঙ্খলা বাহিনীর নিরাপত্তাব্যবস্থা। রাস্তার অন্য পাশে উৎসুক মানুষ। কিছুক্ষণ পর গাড়ির দরজা খোলা হলো। বেরিয়ে এলেন, প্রধানমন্ত্রী

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Bangladesh leads in solar home systems

4m systems installed in the country out of 6m worldwide till 2016. Bangladesh has topped a global list of countries that have installed the highest number of Solar Home Systems (SHS). With four million of the systems set up so far, the country is also at the forefront of nations using clean stoves and biogas plants and promoting the cause of renewable energy that constitutes a fifth of the world's final power consumption. This growth in renewable

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রেমিট্যান্সে ফি নয়, ভর্তুকি দেবে সরকার

বিদেশে কর্মরত বাংলাদেশিদের আয়ের অর্থ দেশে পাঠাতে বর্তমানে ব্যাংক ফি কেটে নেওয়া হয়। আগামীতে এই ব্যাংক ফিতে ভর্তুকি দেবে সরকার। আজ শুক্রবার ২০১৭-১৮ অর্থবছরের বাজেটোত্তর সংবাদ

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