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Have we forgotten the Bangladeshis trapped in Velika Kladusa?

Desperation, uncertainties, and the exploitation of the vulnerable By: Tasneem Tayeb If someone looks up Velika Kladusa on Pinterest, they'll find lovely photos of the town and its beautiful landscape. Pretty as it may be, this little known town, in the far northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been in the news in the recent past for all the wrong reasons. Hundreds of migrants hoping to make their fortune in rich European countries such as Italy

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Overworked, unpaid and abused, Bangladeshi women return from Middle East

Thousands of Bangladeshi women migrants, most of whom were employed in Middle Eastern countries as domestic workers, have been hit hard by the impact of COVID-19. Many of them have lost their jobs and were forced to return home without wages. Several of them have also been abused during the pandemic. Over 17,000 women migrants have already returned to Bangladesh amid the pandemic and many of them complain of forced return, deportation and non-payment

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Remittance keeps rising despite pandemic headwinds

Migrant workers who toil abroad have once again beat forecasts, sending home 36 per cent higher remittance in August, in a respite for their families as well as the ailing economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. Last month, they remitted $1.96 billion against $1.44 billion in the same month a year ago, Bangladesh Bank data showed. This was the second straight month in the current fiscal year that they sent a higher amount of remittance. The inflow

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Activists Demand Humanitarian Behavior For Migrants Not Hatred

Migration experts and civil society organizations on Saturday demanded protection of migrant workers of Bangladesh amid outbreak of COVID-19 showing humanitarian behavior with not hatred to them. They appealed to the government of Bangladesh to ensure migrants’ access to information and services at home and destinations. In a statement, the migration experts urged the Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment ministry to provide migrants with

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Nearly 5.5 lakh Bangladeshi migrants deported in 10yrs

Nearly 5.5 lakh Bangladeshi migrant workers were deported by different countries in the last 10 years, Shariful Hasan, head of Brac Migration Programme, said at a workshop today. Almost all of these migrant workers had become undocumented in the destination countries and travel pass was required for their return, Shariful said. He said the data was prepared based on statistics maintained by Prabashi Kalyan Desk, set at airports by Wage Earners Welfare

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Women workers need new opportunities, well-managed migration

By: Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan Women migrants from Bangladesh who are dominantly employed as domestic workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries frequently fall victim at the hands of their employers. The vulnerability to exploitations, physical and sexual abuses has now become the core issue that remains unaddressed while experts worry that Bangladesh should look elsewhere for better employment opportunities. A significant

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