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BASUG urges PM to protect stranded Bangladeshis in Bosnia and Croatia

Netherland based Bangladeshi Diaspora organization BASUG has urged the Prime Minister of Bangladesh to immediately take up matter  of stranded Bangladeshis with the government of Bosnia and Croatia and provide them with food, shelter and medicare, particularly at this critical pandemic period. “As a guardian of migrant workers who make enormous contributions to the national exchequer, we are convinced that your timely intervention to protect these

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Look beyond GDP numbers to understand people’s wellbeing Prof. Wahiduddin Mahmud says

The economic indicators such as GDP growth are important to assess the economic advancement of a nation. But economists and policymakers should come out of the obsession of using gross domestic product numbers and focus on the figures that people can see and relate to their lives, said two noted economists. "Economic development means an improvement in the standards of living and it is a matter of feeling. This is something that can be visible and

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