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No friend in need

Migrants tell nat'l dialogue that govt is not taking proper care of them Despite their significant contribution to the country's economy, migrant workers feel neglected and not being properly taken care of when they are in need of help. They said a large number of them face abuse and financial loss while many suffer injuries and deaths, but there are no adequate measures taken by the government for their protection. They ventilated their frustrations

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No cost for sending remittance: Muhith

 Bangladeshi expatriates will not have to bear any cost for sending remittances to the country, Finance Minister AMA Muhith said today. “The government is taking measures in this regard so that they (expatriates) can send their remittances without any charge,” the minister said at a pre-budget discussion with the Economic Reporters' Forum at his ministry office at the Secretariat. “An allocation will be added to the next budget in this regard,”

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Call for NGOs to apply for Consultative Status with the UN

Dear Sir/Madame, The organization "NGO Branch" has sent you a message. You can view and respond to this message by logging to CSO Net. Click here to log in and see this message. Subject: Upcoming Deadline 1 JUNE 2017: Call for NGOs to apply for Consultative Status with the UN Dear NGO Representative, This is a gentle reminder of our request we sent on 19 April 2017 for your assistance to spread the news of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) consultative

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