Monthly Archives: September 2018

Climate Adaptation Training for Women Empowerment held in Nepal

Lalitpur, 24 September: A two days training course on “Empowering women to adapt climate change effects for sustainable growth” was held at the Local Development Training Academy, Lalitpur district, Nepal on 23-24 September 2018. The training course was organised as a part of the on-going project of European based BASUG diaspora development organisation in collaboration with its local partner SOLVE Nepal and with the support of the German International

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A stabbing leads to anti-migrant protests in Germany

A young woman carefully lays a sunflower next to the candles and carnations that surround a photo of 35-year-old Daniel Hillig. An older woman cries as she explains that he was a friend of her daughter. The spot where Mr Hillig was stabbed to death last month, allegedly by migrants, has become a shrine. Both women say they are scared to go out at night and feel nervous when they see groups of foreign-looking men. “We’re not racist,” says one,

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