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In search of a new ‘home’

Shahid Gazi looking at his 90-year old brother's picture and introducing him to his family. One of the author's of The Bengal Diaspora returned to show him his brother's picture. Shamsul Huq’s grandfather, a Pathan from Afghanistan and a cloth dealer, travelled all the way through India to Noakhali and, being enamoured with a Bengali girl, settled there. Huq’s father moved from Noakhali to Assam in search of a better livelihood. Shamsul Huq claims

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130 Bangladeshis killed in S Africa a year

Traffickers lure people in spite of huge unemployment in South Africa. About 130 Bangladeshis are killed on an average every year in South Africa mostly due to conflict among compatriots as well as conflict with local South Africans. Scores of Bangladeshis, who have gone there for making fortune as promised by human traffickers, engage in crimes amidst widespread unemployment in South Africa. ‘People from Bangladesh are going to South Africa through

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37 Bangladeshis confirmed dead in Tunisia migrant boat capsize

A survivor of a boat carrying migrants that sunk in the Mediterranean during the night of 9 and 10 May, rests at a shelter in the Tunisian coastal city of Zarzis on May 11, 2019. About sixty migrants perished, including 37 Bangladeshis, when a boat carrying around 70 migrants sunk in the Mediterranean. According to a spokesman for the Tunisian defence ministry, a fishing boat picked up 16 survivors, who were transferred on board one of three military

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