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Greater Cost But Lengthier Visas! New Rules For Schengen Visa Go Into Effect In February

The revised Schengen Visa Code includes an increase in application fee, lengthier visa validity, extended application period, sanction for countries that refuse to readmit their citizens, among others. As from 2 February, new rules governing the issuance of Schengen Visa will go into force. The visa allows its holders to travel to 26 European countries, 22 of which are member states of the EU. The main changes to the Schengen Visa Code are: Higher

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To improve migrants’ lives, implementing international commitments and developing partnerships is key

“Many times, civil society is present at the table but not really a true participant. Today, we own the space and need to make the most out of it.” With these words, civil society Co-Chair Stella Opoku-Owusu opened the Civil Society Day (CSD) at the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) Summit in Quito. “Today, we are here to be constructive, not destructive. I have great expectations and a strong hope that after our discussions,

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