Monthly Archives: March 2020

Activists Demand Humanitarian Behavior For Migrants Not Hatred

Migration experts and civil society organizations on Saturday demanded protection of migrant workers of Bangladesh amid outbreak of COVID-19 showing humanitarian behavior with not hatred to them. They appealed to the government of Bangladesh to ensure migrants’ access to information and services at home and destinations. In a statement, the migration experts urged the Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment ministry to provide migrants with

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Call to protect rights of migrants amid coronavirus pandemic

Bangladeshi migrants’ rights campaigners on Saturday asked the government to protect the rights of the migrants amid outbreak of COVID-19 by showing humanitarian behaviour with them not hatred, ensuring their access to information and services at home and destination countries. In a statement, they requested the Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment Ministry to provide migrants with health and financial support through Bangladesh embassies

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Government urged to protect migrants, diaspora communities

Leading migration experts on Monday called on the government to protect Bangladeshi migrant workers and diaspora communities from the troubles that they faced abroad. They also called for steps to link the diaspora communities with the development activities in the country to reap the benefits of migration. The experts made their remarks at a workshop titled Advancing Development through Partnership and Collective Action: Enriching Migration Cycle

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