Monthly Archives: May 2020

Over 40,000 Bangladeshis may be legalised in Bahrain

Over 40,000 undocumented Bangladeshi migrants have been in the process of being legalised in Bahrain under its ongoing general amnesty that began since early this month amid COVID-19 crisis, according to Bangladesh Embassy in Manama. ‘Amid COVID-19 pandemic, it is good news that Bahrain is legalising Bangladeshi undocumented workers,’ said Bangladesh labour councillor in Manama Sheikh Mohammed Tauhidul Islam. He told New Age on Monday that about

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Stalked by hunger in foreign lands

Facing hardships amid virus fallout, over 1 lakh Bangladeshi workers in Middle East in need of food assistance Jamil Mahmud and Rashidul Hasan Over one lakh Bangladeshis in different Middle Eastern countries are suffering acute hunger while many other Bangladeshis have become unemployed amid the shutdown of economies across the world. In different parts of the world, Bangladeshi migrants are struggling to pay their rent, buy essentials and bear

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Bangladesh export earning was half the remittance inflow in April amid pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic pounding the global economy, Bangladesh’s export earnings in April dropped below the remittances received for the first time in its history Expatriate Bangladeshis sent $1.08 billion in the month, calming fears of remittance dropping below $1 billion. Remittance accounts for 12 percent of Bangladesh’s GDP. The businesses exported goods worth $520 million, just a little over half the remittance. The export earnings

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