237,991 Bangladeshis got work permits in Malaysia

Source: The Daily Star.

Around two million foreign workers including Bangladeshis are holding the Temporary Employment Pass or work permits issued by Malaysian Immigration Department till September this year, said Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

The total foreign workers stand 1,854,684, he said adding that, “The highest number is from Indonesia (749,226), followed by Nepal (411,364), Bangladesh (237,991), Myanmar (140,259), India (121,430) and others (194,374).”

Zahid, who is also the Malaysian Home Minister, said this in a written reply to a lawmaker in the country’s parliament, reports The Star.

“The hiring of foreign workers is a temporary measure to fill the job vacancies. After the employment period is over, they are required to return back to their country of origin,” the newspaper said quoting the minister.

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He noted that the government had made the decision in this year’s February 19 to suspend hiring of new foreign workers including the Bangladeshis until the completion of an assessment of the real need of the foreign workers.

“The levy imposed on foreign workers differs from each industry and was clustered according to its own categories,” Zahid said adding that Levy or tax on a work permit is set at Malaysian Ringgit RM 1,850 (US$ 27.77) for the first category, comprising the manufacturing, construction and service sector.

The government has set RM 640 (US$ 9.61) for the second category, comprising the agriculture and agro-industries, while for a domestic helper, the levy is set RM 410 (US$ 6.15) per person.

Now, the governments of Bangladesh and Malaysia are in the final talks to start the recruitment of the workers from Dhaka soon.

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