3 Bangladeshi migrants deported from Romania, face 5-year entry ban

The Romanian Immigration Department has deported three Bangladeshi migrants for attempting to flee to another European country after entering on work visa.

They have also been banned from entering the country for five years.

The Arad Immigration Police detained them on Tuesday (August 2, 2022), said a notification from the General Inspectorate for Immigration in Romania. It did not include their names, but stated that they ranged in age from 23 to 44.

The three Bangladeshi workers with valid visas have a legal obligation to work for their employer’s company. But they remained absent from work for a long time without notifying the employer, it said.

At one point, they were detained by the immigration police when they tried to enter another European country illegally, it added.

The country’s immigration authorities sent them back to Bangladesh as they violated the conditions of legal stay in Romania.

The GII release also said that three have been barred from entering Romania for the next five years under GEO No- 194/2002 of the amended Rules of Procedure relating to the rights of foreigners in Romania.
The GII issued work permits to 471 Bangladeshis in 2021 to meet the quota of 25,000 foreign workers in Romania’s labour sector. At that time, the Labour Ministry said 747 Bangladeshis were living legally in the country.

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