Bangladesh fourth in origin of int’l migrants


Bangladesh is the fourth country of origin of international migrants, with 7.2 million Bnamgladeshis living abroad, according to a Pew research.

It said international migrants make up 3.3 per cent of the world’s population, according to a report by The Indian Express.

India is the top country of origin of international migrants, with 15.6 million Indians living abroad.

The top origins of international migrants are India (15.6 million), followed by Mexico (12.3 million), Russia (10.6 million), China (9.5 million) and Bangladesh (7.2 million).

Among destination countries, the US has more international migrants than any other country.

It is home to about one-in-five international migrants (46.6 million), it said. Other top destinations of migrants include Germany (12.0 million), Russia (11.6 million), Saudi Arabia (10.2 million) and the United Kingdom (8.5 million), Pew said.

Unlike the Mexico-US corridor, the number of Indians living in the UAE and other Persian Gulf countries has increased substantially during the past decade, from two million in 1990 to more than eight million in 2015, Pew said. “Most have migrated for economic opportunities in these oil-rich countries,” it added.-Asfar

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