BASUG in German-Africa Diaspora Conference in Dortmund

Dortmund, June 25: The First German-Africa Diaspora Conference was held in the weekend in the international convention centre of the Technical University in Dortmund. The conference focussed on the contribution of the African and other Diasporas in Germany to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the North-South perspectives.

Above hundred representatives from African and other Diasporas in Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Cameroon and Uganda attended the conference and shared best practices from the Southern perspectives for the achievement of Agenda 2030 through partnerships, networking and cooperation.

The conference started with the welcome address from the Chief Executive of Association of Socio-Cultural Migrant Organisations in Dortmund (VMDO) Dr Ümit Kosan and the First Secretary of Uganda Embassy Ms Margaret Otteskov. EDDA, Cameroonian Association of Engineers and Informatics Professionals VKII, VMDO, samo.fa, AAR, Club Camer, One World Network, Engagement Global, House of Resources, Dortmund and Culture Pour Tous with the support from German Federal Ministry for Family, Elders, Women and Youth and  BMZ organised the conference.

Organisers Armel Djine and Justine Magambo welcomed the guests and participants and presented background and focus issues of the conference. On the opening technical session, the Expert Promotor on Asylum, Migration and Development from One World Network NRW Serge Palasie, Political Scientist and Activist Elisabeth Kaneza and the Vice President of African Tide Union Dr Medard Kabanda presented papers. On the first day, among others, Human Rights Officer from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights OHCHR Liza Sekaggya Essaga, Coordinator of Refugee Works in Unna Region Joel Zombou, Expert from Environmental Governance Institute John Takang and Uganda Representative of TruTrade Mark Namara highlighted the issues human rights situation in Africa, African refugees in Dortmund, youth entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals.

Photo: AH/OV

On the second day BASUG Project Coordinator in Germany AHM Abdul Hai presented the best examples on Remittance and Development: Role and Activities of BASUG. In his presentation Abdul Hai said, Bangladesh has played pioneering role in the achievement of MDGs earlier, and now the Bangladeshi Finance Minister has already announced, that the expatriates will have to pay no fee to send remittance to Bangladesh, which is also a sub-point of the SDGs. BASUG has also promoted and engaged the expatriates from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal to use the legal channel to send remittance and to increase investment for the community development at home country, to fight the illegal and risky trafficking and migration process, he added.

Amanda Magambo from Northern Corridor Integration Projects (NCIP) urged all Diasporas to work together for the better role and reflection for partnership, cooperation and development in Africa and Europe. Development activist and journalist Tina Adomako and Miriam Camara moderated the technical sessions in the conference. Participants took part in four working sessions on quality education, reduction of inequality, peace and security and development partnerships to achieve SDGs.

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