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13 Sep

Untold stories of Bangladeshi beach vendors on Italian shores

The picturesque Mondello Beach, a mere 12 km from Palermo, is a sight with its azure waters and sun-kissed sands. Tourists bask in the warmth of the Sicilian Read More »


29 Mar

Remittance CHANGING rural economy of Bangladesh

Supported by remittance, the families of Bangladeshi migrant workers are playing a crucial role in developing the country's rural economy by not only Read More »


08 Feb

Conversation on ‘The Future of Bangladesh-EU Relations’ 2023.14.02

SADF is pleased to invite you to follow ‘ The Future of EU-Bangladesh relations'. As the title suggests, the goal is to discuss future developments Read More »


12 Oct

Bangladesh elected to UN Human Rights Council with highest vote

Bangladesh has been elected a member of the UN Human Rights Council for the period of 2022-2025, with the highest vote. At the voting in the UN General Read More »


06 Aug

3 Bangladeshi migrants deported from Romania, face 5-year entry ban

The Romanian Immigration Department has deported three Bangladeshi migrants for attempting to flee to another European country after entering on work Read More »


15 May

Safe & pure drinking water project in Hobiganj, Chittagong

BASUG and its local partner in Bangladesh, ENDEAVOUR has been implementing a project titled, “Safe and pure drinking water assurance” in Hobiganj Read More »


27 May

Column by Mahfuz Anam: At every step, they are exploited, mistreated and humiliated

By: Mahfuz Anam Expatriate workers are our goose of Aesop's Fables that lays the golden eggs. And they do so year after year, without any help from us, Read More »


23 May

‘Bureaucratic bottlenecks, poor services bar diaspora from investing in Bangladesh’

Bangladesh needs to improve its services and remove ‘bureaucratic’ barriers that discourage foreign investors to overcome challenges during the Covid-19 Read More »


02 Mar

Dutch postpone Qatar trade mission over World Cup worker concerns

The Dutch government has postponed a trade mission to Qatar this month, citing concern over the living conditions of migrant workers helping the Gulf Read More »


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