European Development Days 2019 at EC: BASUG to join among others

With the title “Addressing inequalities: building a world which leaves no one behind” the European
Development Days (EDD) 2019 is going to be held at the European Commission on 18-19 June 2019. Organized by the
European Commission, the EDD brings the development community together each year to share ideas and
experiences in the ways that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most
pressing challenges. EDD is Europe’s leading forum on development since 2006.
Head of States, Commissioners, Members of European Parliament (NEPs), high-level experts,
grassroots activists and other stakeholders will take part in this annual event. The German
development organization, GIZ-CIM will also take part actively with its own stand in the EDD 2019.
Members of the Migration Laboratory set by CIM-GIZ in 2017 will also join the program and share
their experiences working within the Laboratory in order to find out ways on how migration can
benefit all. The members are: Celeste Ugochukwu, African Foundation for Migration and
Development, Bikash Chowdhury Barua, Chairman of BASUG, Allen Asiimwe, Trade Mark East Africa,
Power of Diversity Lab & Ambassador Africa and Katharina Miller, 3C Compliance, Transforming
Leadership Lab & Ambassador Europe

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