Foreign students visit BASUG in the Hague

Group photo of the foreign students with the chair of BASUG in the middle

The Hague: A host of foreign students (professionals including politicians) visited BASUG office in the Hague on 27 November 2018 to get acquainted with the nature of work of the organization and gather knowledge on activities in the area of international development. They were in total 9 – from Kenya, Ecuador, Hungary, Ireland and Spain including one guide from the organizer of the visit. They came for the study visit to Netherlands for a short period. Their visit to BASUG was organized by Stichting Libertas International.

The visiting team comprised of Maria Fuerts (Spain), Moses Aran (Kenya), Omar Abrari (Kenya), Angela Ponce (Ecuador), Noel Norvath (Hungary) and Ema Idowu (Ireland). The team leader was Andrea of Stichting Libertas International of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Earlier, they were received by the Chairman of BASUG, Bikash Chowdhury. They watched a documentary film and during the little over one hour meeting at BASUG, they wanted to know about migration, children and youths programs for peace etc. The foreign students also visited another international NGO, Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) in the Hague on the same day.

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