FSI’s Qualification Round Cooperation Manager Global 2017 program in Dortmund: BASUG joins

Germany: Like the previous years, the Forum for Social Innovation (FSI) organized the capacity build up program titled, ‘Qualification Round Cooperation Manager Global 2017’ on 11 February 2017. The first such program, held at the Youth Hostel in Dortmund city of Germany, will have four modules across the whole year. Each module has two days’ session and will be organized in different cities in the North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) province of Germany.
What the training focus on? FSI trainers, sometimes guest trainer also takes part, deliver lectures on relative issues to NGO activities so that members of organizations can play the role of leadership well in their activities. On the first day, trainer Miss Naima El Hasbani discussed properties of “Smart Goal” for the project. Participants
also gathered concrete knowledge from do it by yourself part of the session.
Representatives from 14 development organizations from NRW attended the program. BASUG Senior Project Officer, Mahamud Farid attended the program. It may be mentioned that BASUG is the only organization which has been attending the Qualification Round Cooperation Manager Global programs for last three years.

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