GFMD summit ends with agreement on governance of migration


Germany chaired the closing session of the three-day long summit where representatives from 130 countries came to Bangladesh to participate in the summit.

The 9th GFMD was the biggest event Bangladesh has ever hosted with 600 government delegation in attendance, said Shahidul Haque foreign secretary of Bangladesh and chair of GFMD 2016.

“Bangladesh pressed home the idea of designing a global compact on migration that would ensure the rights of emigrants. Most of the countries present were in favor of an international law on the issue while some countries wanting a convention on it.

“Regardless of their difference of opinion, all countries agreed that there needs to be an agreement on a global governance of migration,” said Shahidul.

Migration issues will no longer just be mitigated bilaterally but through a global mechanism, he added.

It was a positive sign that during the summit no destination countries expressed negativity towards the home countries of emigrants and vise versa.

Topics such as geopolitics, economy, migration cost, security etc were discussed during the summit.

The global compact on migration was also discussed heavily and how it should be designed with migration cost being a focal point of discussions as well.

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