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By Darshana Daga, Pune Mirror Number of survivors in state rescue homes has remained stagnant due to Bangladesh government's laxity; Maha authorities say awareness also low For Bangladeshi women trafficked into India and living in rescue homes in Maharashtra, life is at a standstill. Despite being rescued by the government, they remain at a loose end as the repatriation process is disturbingly lax, sometimes taking up to two years. Though the Indian

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Bangladeshis among domestic workers trapped in Oman: HRW

Daily Star Online Report Many migrant domestic workers including Bangladeshis are trapped in abusive employment in Oman with their plight hidden behind closed doors, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a report released today. The New York-based rights organisation stressed in the report that Omani authorities should take immediate steps to reform the restrictive immigration system that binds migrant workers to their employers. They should provide the

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